One Piece CG: Booster Pack - Wings Of The Captain OP-06

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اطلب 24 حبة يجيك صندوق
24 units = 1 box



The 6th Booster adds Fishman Island, Thriller Bark, and Germa as a theme!
These cards introduce new tactics which expands the battle options even further!


Introducing new FILM, Fish-Man, Thriller Bark, GERMA, and Land of Wano Leaders!

Use these Leaders to take on battles with new strategies!

Also features many cards that will bolster existing decks!

Strengthen your decks and seize victory!

Includes many cards that complement the STARTER DECK -Zoro & Sanji- [ST-12] released in October!

Fortify your deck with new cards from both wings of the captain!


・Leader Card x 6
・Common x 45
・Uncommon x 30
・Rare x 26
・Super Rare x 10
・Secret Rare x 2
・Special Card x 6
・Treasure Rare x1
・Don! Card x 1


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