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As the "awakening of Star Wars / Force" ARTFX + fourth bullet of Kotobukiya, appeared deals Droid 3 body set. It collected a manageable size at reasonable. A popular Droid BB-8 from before the public to the new Standard ARTFX + series of Star Wars in the first appearance "awakening of Star Wars / Force", three bodies were to set the continued R2-D2 and C-3PO appeared from the previous work pack appeared! unique body shape of the BB-8 has been reproduced without losing modeling of the base ground plane by a built-in magnet to the bottom. In addition, the familiar C-3PO is left arm is painted red, the whole body of the plating was also an old image. R2-D2 is defiled feel the years of the 30 years the body painting has been subjected. In addition, the legs you can decorate to choose the two legs and three legs state by the replacement. And contains a magnet to the base ground surface, respectively, you can arrange a favorite character in the iron plate containing pedestal.