Injustice: Year Two Complete Collection

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Injustice: Year Two Complete Collection

Batman vs Superman explored to the fullest. Set in the same universe as the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us! This prequel is a great story not to be missed.

The second year of the graphic novel prequel to the best-selling video game phenomenon is collected in its entirety for the first time ever! 

Superman was the Earth’s greatest hero. But he couldn’t protect his home, his wife or his parents from the Joker or untimely death. Now he’s decided that the only route to peace on his adopted planet is to remove anything—and anyone—who instigates conflict. He began by putting a fist through the Joker’s chest, and he hasn’t become any calmer.
Meanwhile, Batman believes that no matter what the crime, everyone deserves a fair trial. Now he’s leading a resistance force against his former friend’s authoritarian world government. The Green Lantern Corps have noticed the drastic wrongs being committed in that sector, and are on their way to intervene. But Superman has an important question for them: Why did they allow Krypton to die?

Written by:Tom Taylor
Art by: Jheremy RaapackMike S. MillerBruno Redondo
السنة الثانية من حرب باتمان وسوبرمان في عالم انجستس. حرب عنيفة ومثيرة تمتد لعدة سنوات